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Struck by fall….

A customer was entering their car when the car door was struck by a mart cart. The customer was knocked to the ground by the force of the impact. The customer alleges the cart was driven by a store employee.  The employee was removing the cart after the customers use.


The customer reported several broken ribs and other injuries as a result of her fall. The resulting medical bills and injuries totaled over $67,000.


It is your responsibility to maintain safe conditions in store for customers and employees. Additional when helping customers to their car with groceries, the employees (sacker) must take care when unloading groceries into the car as well as when working around customers.


In this case the handling of the mart cart by the employee became the problem. As store owners you cannot control the condition, age, or abilities of your customers. Therefore you must be capable of handling many types of people. Employees should be given instruction on how to operate the mart cart so they are familiar with its operation in the event they are required to move or drive them.