• Blanket Limit Replacement Cost coverage
• Food Spoilage coverage
• Equipment Breakdown coverage
• Utility Services Coverage — including overhead
transmission lines
• Blanket Business income or ALS coverage
• Sign coverage
• Earthquake coverage

• Full Statutory Coverage
• Available higher limits for Employers Liability



Business Auto

Other Unique Exposure

General Liability

     ASG products & services

• Limits available up to $50M
• No retention

• Money and Securities (inside and outside)

• Employee Dishonesty

• Forgery and Alterations

• $1M occurrence/ $2M aggregate
• Per location aggregate available
• Fire Legal
• Liquor Liability
• Druggist Liability
• Hired and Non-Owned Auto
• Employee Benefits Liability

Workers' Compensation


• Coverage available for ancillary exposure other than grocery
• Data Compromise

• Liability limits up to $1M
• Physical Damage

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Grocery Store Insurance

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